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Two construction workers discussing a job site during a walkthrough


We serve our clients and community using family as our core fundamental concept. This value is broken down into the following three parts:



We know clients are the foundation of our business, whether they are a single project client or one we have worked with for years across multiple jobs. We believe the key to client retention is to always treat them with the respect and honesty they deserve and do what we say we are going to do. 

Employees enjoying a day at Top Golf


We believe family is the basis for our success and happiness. This

commonality binds us together as a work group. Family is what

motivates us all to show up and do  our best everyday. We respect and encourage each individual's right to a work-life balance. That balance should not be seen as a difficult task to uphold and we do our part to provide a seamless flow between the two areas, understanding that situations will occur that require sensitivity and respect. In doing so we feel this allows for a more cohesive team spirit and promotes success for all to fulfill their potential. 


We strive to understand and meet the needs of our community by continued involvement in community and charitable organizations. Involvement brings knowledge and respect to the needs of the communities we work and live in. As employees, being cognizant of our community's structure and needs not only makes us better citizens but allows us to contribute in our own way to help strengthen our communities. Strong communities lead to continuity. 


We hold our head high by being fair and honest, accountable, and treating

everyone with respect. 

Fair and Honest
We demonstrate fairness and honesty in all that we do. We treat our  clients,

projects, and each other equally without bias or discrimination. We hold

ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to honesty. We believe that

doing and saying the right thing, as well as being transparent and truthful,

creates a good work environment and a successful company. 

We believe in accountability at all levels. We strive to have open 
communications regarding every aspect of our work internally and externally. As we are always growing as individuals as well as a collective, errors will happen. We believe in owning up to those instances and providing solutions with the least impact on those we work with. 

We respect our fellow co-workers, clients, and subcontractors. We believe mutual respect in all aspects breeds a healthy work environment, leading to a positive project outcome and a strong company. We follow the Golden Rule: treat others as you would want them to treat you, as a means of promoting respect to ourselves and others. 

Employees enjoying a day at Top Golf
  • In the workplace: We encourage all employees to express ideas and  opinions with no fear of reprisal. We respect everyone's right to individuality and encourage diversity. We provide an environment free from discrimination and harassment. We believe kindness is the easiest form of respect. am.

  • To our clients: We show clients our respect by listening to them and providing the team support to meet objectives. We do not overpromise unrealistic goals and do our very best to meet expectations. We have the highest regard for their time and money and do our utmost to provide the best project within their means and expectations. 

  • To our subcontractors: We respect their business and employees as we do our own. We work closely with them to develop relationships and solve problems as a te


We provide superior results by being practical, professional, and



We understand construction is a difficult industry by nature, and

we believe in using a common-sense approach. We strive to find

the simplest and most cost­-effective means to provide clients

with a desired solution that is within budgetary and time constraints. 

We summarize our professionalism with the concept of "doing it right". From detailed communication and documentation through the construction process, to using the latest technology, to meeting or exceeding industry standards with our safety procedures, we strive to always do the best job possible no matter the size of the project. 

We have extensive expertise in multiple facets of construction. Some employees have backgrounds in architecture, others have degrees in construction management while others have gained experience working their way up through firsthand field experience. We feel that this gives us a wide understanding of all components of building from design, concept, usability and function through completion and warranty. We are committed to keeping an eye on the ever-improving means and methods of construction and adopting the latest technologies to continue to be current in best practices. 

Employees enjoying a day at Top Golf

Core Values

Every company needs a set of values in which to guide their business practices. Knowing this, our leadership team asked the RCG staff to create our core company principles. The guiding values they decided on are:

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